spark in jupyter cannot find a class in a jar

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spark in jupyter cannot find a class in a jar

Lian Jiang
I am using spark in Jupyter as below:

import findspark

from pyspark import SQLContext, SparkContext
sqlCtx = SQLContext(sc)
df ="oci://mybucket@mytenant/myfile.parquet")

The error is:
Py4JJavaError: An error occurred while calling o198.parquet.
: org.apache.hadoop.fs.UnsupportedFileSystemException: No FileSystem for scheme "oci"

I have put oci-hdfs-full- defining oci filesystem on all namenodes and datanodes on hadoop.

export PYSPARK_SUBMIT_ARGS="--master yarn --deploy-mode client pyspark-shell --driver-cores 8 --driver-memory 20g --num-executors 2 --executor-cores 6 --executor-memory 30g --jars /mnt/data/hdfs/oci-hdfs-full- --conf spark.executor.extraClassPath=/mnt/data/hdfs/oci-hdfs-full-
--conf spark.driver.extraClassPath=/mnt/data/hdfs/oci-hdfs-full-"

Any idea why this still happens? Thanks for any clue.