spark application can't renew the kerberos ticket

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spark application can't renew the kerberos ticket

Xiaodong Cui
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Hi all:
          anyone could help me ? recently I found spark can't renew kerberos ticket,the error message like the follow  picture,when I start my application,my program can run successfully,but it will crash almost after 24 hours.

I  google it .the mostly anwser are that I don't renew the ticket tgt of principal.but i login when my program start is my kerberos login code picture,and I am sure the principal and the keytab file is correct.

and i run a thread In the background to relogin the kerberos for renewing the ticket,but after 24 hours the application will still is my background thread timer picture, it will timed relogin .

my environment is hadoop2.6,spark1.6,java8

anyone can tell me how to fix it ?

thank you for any help