shark shell (shark-withinfo) not starting

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shark shell (shark-withinfo) not starting

Hi,  I have the following components installed and running for spark,


I am able to start the spark master (running on port 7077) and one worker.  I have also installed shark (shark-0.8.0-bin-cdh4).  I have set the following in my

export HADOOP_HOME=/Users/hadoop/hadoop-2.0.0-cdh4.2.0
export HIVE_HOME=/Users/hadoop/shark-0.8.0-bin-cdh4/hive-0.9.0-shark-0.8.0-bin
export MASTER=spark://localhost:7077
export SPARK_HOME=/Users/hadoop/spark-0.8.1-incubating-bin-cdh4
export SPARK_MEM=1g
export SCALA_HOME=/Users/hadoop/scala-2.9.3

However, when I try to run the shark shell with ./shark-withinfo, I get the following exception (buried within a lot of other info messages)

14/01/08 15:32:28 ERROR client.Client$ClientActor: Connection to master failed; stopping client
14/01/08 15:32:28 ERROR cluster.SparkDeploySchedulerBackend: Disconnected from Spark cluster!
14/01/08 15:32:28 ERROR cluster.ClusterScheduler: Exiting due to error from cluster scheduler: Disconnected from Spark cluster

Anyone run into this issue before?