pyspark createTopicAndPartition error

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pyspark createTopicAndPartition error

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I use pyspark development spark streaming applications.(env: Python2.7 and spark2.0.1). I don't use checkpoint way for save kafka offset, and use the zookeeper save manually. But the spark an error:
Py4JError: An error occurred while calling o38.createTopicAndPartition. Trace: py4j.Py4JException: Method createTopicAndPartition([class java.lang.String, class java.lang.String]) does not exist at py4j.reflection.ReflectionEngine.getMethod( at py4j.reflection.ReflectionEngine.getMethod( at py4j.Gateway.invoke( at py4j.commands.AbstractCommand.invokeMethod( at py4j.commands.CallCommand.execute( at at
Feel like a spark of bugs, I don't know, who met the same problem?(ps: - jars spark - streaming - kafka - 0-8 - assembly_2. 11-2.0.1. Jar)

ZK core code:

def _get_topic_and_partition(self, part_and_offset):
    partition, from_offset = part_and_offset.split(':')
    return (TopicAndPartition(self._topic, partition), from_offset)

def get_last(self):
        offset = self.zk_client.get(CHECKPOINT_ROOT_NODE)[0]
        if not offset:
            return None
    except NoNodeError:
        return None

    return dict([self._get_topic_and_partition(x) for x in offset.split(',')])

def save(self, rdd):
    offset = ','.join(['%s:%s' % (x.partition, x.fromOffset) for x in rdd.offsetRanges()])
        self.zk_client.set(CHECKPOINT_ROOT_NODE, offset)
    except NoNodeError:
        self.zk_client.set(CHECKPOINT_ROOT_NODE, offset)

and during initialization spark stream call get_last() method.

        valueDecoder=lambda x: json.loads(x))