join with just 1 record causes all data to go to a single node

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join with just 1 record causes all data to go to a single node

Marcelo Valle

I am using spark on EMR 5.28.0.

We were having a problem in production where, after a join between 2 dataframes, in some situations all data was being moved to a single node, and then the cluster was failing after retrying many times. 

Our join is something like that:

df1("field1") <=> df2("field1")
&& df1("field2") <=> df2("field2"))

After some harvesting, we were able to isolate the corner case - this was only happening when all join fields were NULL. Notice the `<=>` operator instead of `===`.

Would someone be able to explain this behavior? It looks like a bug to me, but I could be missing something.


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