how to read neighbors by mapReduceTriplets in Graphx

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how to read neighbors by mapReduceTriplets in Graphx

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can anybody know how to use
def collectNeighborIds(edgeDirection: EdgeDirection): VertexRDD[Array[VertexId]]
def collectNeighbors(edgeDirection: EdgeDirection): VertexRDD[ Array[(VertexId, VD)] ]
def mapReduceTriplets[A: ClassTag](
      mapFunc: EdgeTriplet[VD, ED] => Iterator[(VertexID, A)],
      reduceFunc: (A, A) => A,
      activeSetOpt: Option[(VertexRDD[_], EdgeDirection)] = None)
    : VertexRDD[A]

to read neighbors in graphx?

there has an initial Graph as follows:

// Create an RDD for the vertices
val users: RDD[(VertexId, (String, String))] =
  sc.parallelize(Array((3L, ("rxin", "student")), (7L, ("jgonzal", "postdoc")),
                       (5L, ("franklin", "prof")), (2L, ("istoica", "prof")),
                       (4L, ("peter", "student"))))
// Create an RDD for edges
val relationships: RDD[Edge[String]] =
  sc.parallelize(Array(Edge(3L, 7L, "collab"),    Edge(5L, 3L, "advisor"),
                       Edge(2L, 5L, "colleague"), Edge(5L, 7L, "pi"),
                       Edge(4L, 0L, "student"),   Edge(5L, 0L, "colleague")))
// Define a default user in case there are relationship with missing user
val defaultUser = ("John Doe", "Missing")
// Build the initial Graph
val graph = Graph(users, relationships, defaultUser)

please demo the options by this val

thanks !!!