cosine similarity between rows

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cosine similarity between rows

Donni Khan

I have spark job to compute the similarity between text documents:

RowMatrix rowMatrix = new RowMatrix(vectorsRDD.rdd());      
CoordinateMatrix  rowsimilarity=rowMatrix.columnSimilarities(0.5);
JavaRDD<MatrixEntry> entries = rowsimilarity.entries().toJavaRDD();

List<MatrixEntry> list = entries.collect();

for(MatrixEntry s : list) System.out.println(s);
the MatrixEntry(i, j, value) represents the similarity between columns(let's say the features of documents).But how can I show the similarity between rows? suppose I have five documents Doc1,.... Doc5, I would like to show the similarity between all those documnts. How do I get that?
 any help?