Unclosed NingWSCLient holds up a Spark appication

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Unclosed NingWSCLient holds up a Spark appication


I noticed some weird behavior with NingWSClient  2.4.3. when used with Spark.


Try this


  1. Spin up spark-shell with play-ws2.4.3 in driver class path
  2. Run this code
    val myConfig = new AsyncHttpClientConfigBean()



val oneMinute = 60000







val client = NingWSClient(config)

  1. Quit spark-shell
  2. Spark-shell won’t quit. It will just sit there
  3. Open a new spark shell, repeat the above code. And then  client.close
  4. Quit spark-shell
  5. Spark-shell quits normally


In context of a spark-application, the spark application won’t quit even though the jobs are complete and your main method has exited. It will sit there with the executors holding on to the cores. Looking at the thread dump, it seems like NingWSCLient starts a few threads, and the threads don’t die even after the spark application’s main method quits. Calling client.close cleans up the background threads and the application can exit normally.


Has anyone seen this before?

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