URL what is ? SecureByDesign & Use of LOGIN form not pop box.

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URL what is ? SecureByDesign & Use of LOGIN form not pop box.

Secure Bydesign
@Sean Owen

As you do not know being the result of an average American Education.

A URL has three main parts.

HEAD.      contains Addresses origin  & Destination
BODY.       contains   Index.html
TAIL           contains checksum  total count of bytes in BODY. Just in case got lost en route.

TOR.  extracts origin IP and places it's own IP in URL HEAD.
 On the way back TOR over writes  the IP so the URL can find its back home.

Facebook have chosen to move it's servers  inside TOR network cluster.
Thereby exposing their own  Server IPs for faster connectivity.

This way the consumer has protection and the consumer is protected through

UNLESS you are dumb enough to use TOR then login into a website via a LOGIN BOX.

So when you say you have ways of violating consumer Protection.

Do not confuse me with one who is education in US or India.

That is lesson for today on Internet Security.

You shouldn't advertise  your lack of .....

Why did you vote for Trump when he said he is pussy grabber.
What happens in USA when like in crocodile Dundee what you grab is not a pussy.

If I come to USA is this the new Greeting Protocol.

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