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[Structured Streaming] User Define Aggregation Function

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I am trying to explore how I can use UDAF for my use case.

I have something like this in my Structured Streaming Job.

        val counts: Dataset[(String, Double)] = events
            .withWatermark("timestamp", "30 minutes")
            .groupByKey(e => e._2.siteIdentifier + "|" + e._2.sessionId)

Where I am always using *sum* as my *agg* function.

I would want to to choose the *agg* function depending on the name of the
*metric* which is a *string*

Something like if *name* startsWith *count* use *sum* else if it starts with
*time* use *avg*

Can I do that ? or do I need to split the stream into different stream and then apply agg function ?
If I need to split the stream any idea how to do that ?

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