SparklyR and the Tidyverse

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SparklyR and the Tidyverse

Adaryl Wakefield

I’m curious about the inner technical workings of SparklyR. Let’s say you have:

titanic_train = spark_read_csv(sc, name="titanic_train", path="../Data/titanic_train.csv", header = TRUE, delimiter = ",", quote = "\"", escape = "\\", charset = "UTF-8", null_value = NULL, repartition = 0, memory = TRUE, overwrite = TRUE)


IF I said:


ggplot(titanic_train,aes(Pclass)) + geom_bar(aes(fill=factor(Pclass)),alpha=0.5)


Is ggplot being executed in a distributed fashion or is something else going on here?



Adaryl "Bob" Wakefield, MBA
Mass Street Analytics, LLC