[Spark-GraphX] Conductance, Bridge Ratio & Diameter

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[Spark-GraphX] Conductance, Bridge Ratio & Diameter

Thodoris Zois

I am trying to compute conductance, bridge ratio and diameter on a given graph but I face some problems.

- For the conductance my problem is how to compute the cuts so that they are kinda semi-clustered. Is the partitioningBy from GraphX related to dividing a graph into multiple subgraphs that are clustered or semi-clustered together? If not, the could you please provide me some help? (an open-source implementation or something so I can proceed).

- For the bridge ratio I have made an implementation but it is too naive and it takes a lot of time to finish. So if anybody can provide some help then I would be really grateful. 

- For the diameter i found: (https://github.com/Cecca/graphx-diameter) but after a certain point even if the graph is 300MB it hangs on reducing and it keeps “running” for 14 hours. After a certain point I sometimes get SparkListenerBus has stopped. Any ideas?

Thank you very much for your help!
- Thodoris