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Sources for kafka-0.7.2-spark

Stephen Boesch
We are using a back version of spark (0.8.1) that depends on a customized version of kafka  0.7.2-spark.  Where are the sources for it - either svn/github or simply the sources..jar

For reference here is the maven repo location for the binaries:

Index of repo/org/apache/kafka/kafka/0.7.2-spark

Name                        Last modified      Size

kafka-0.7.2-spark.jar       22-Nov-2013 01:21  1.30 MB
kafka-0.7.2-spark.jar.md5   22-Nov-2013 01:21  32 bytes
kafka-0.7.2-spark.jar.sha1  22-Nov-2013 01:21  40 bytes
kafka-0.7.2-spark.pom       22-Nov-2013 01:21  459 bytes
kafka-0.7.2-spark.pom.md5   22-Nov-2013 01:21  32 bytes
kafka-0.7.2-spark.pom.sha1  22-Nov-2013 01:21  40 bytes

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