Overwrite only specific partition with hive dynamic partitioning

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Overwrite only specific partition with hive dynamic partitioning

Nirav Patel

I have a hive partition table created using sparkSession. I would like to insert/overwrite Dataframe data to specific set of partition without loosing any other partition. In each run I have to update Set of partitions not just one.

e.g. I have dataframe with bid=1, bid=2, bid=3 in first time and I can write it  by using


It generates dirs: bid=1, bid=2, bid=3  inside TableBaseLocation

But next time when I have a dataframe with  bid=1, bid=4 and use same code above it removes bid=2 and bid=3. in other words I dont get idempotency.

I tried SaveMode.append but that creates duplicate data inside "bid=1"

I read 

With that approach it seems like I may have to updated multiple partition manually for each input partition. That seems like lot of work on every update. Is there a better way for this? 

Can this fix be apply to dataframe based approach as well?


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