Lucene Index with Spark Cassandra

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Lucene Index with Spark Cassandra

Junaid Nasir
Hi everyone,

I am trying to run lucene with spark but sparkSQL returns zero results, where when same query is run using cqlsh it returns correct rows. same issue as I can see in spark logs that lucene is working but as mentioned in the link spark is filtering those results afterwards. any help to prevent this would be highly appreciated.  

Using datastax:spark-cassandra-connector:2.0.3-s_2.11
spark:  2.1.1

I am using the old syntax as mentioned in lucene docs i.e
created a dummy col

C* schema and Lucene index
CREATE TABLE alldev.temp (
devid text,
day date,
datetime timestamp,
lucene text,
value text,
PRIMARY KEY ((devid, day), datetime)
CREATE CUSTOM INDEX idx ON alldev.temp (lucene)
USING 'com.stratio.cassandra.lucene.Index'
'refresh_seconds': '1',
'schema': '{
fields: {
devid: {type: "string"},
day:{type: "date", pattern: "yyyy-MM-dd"},
datetime:{type: "date"},
cqlsh> select * from alldev.temp where lucene = '{filter: {type: "range", field: "value", lower: "0"}}' ;
Mixmax Not using Mixmax yet?

Thanks for your time,