Large Scheduler Delay Causing Performance Issue in Spark Application

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Large Scheduler Delay Causing Performance Issue in Spark Application

Akshat Bordia

Hi All,


We are seeing a performance issue where a particular stage is taking lots of time > 2 hours and still not completed. This stage is doing GROUP BY in Spark SQL. The data size is around 40GB and there are around ~11K tasks. The cluster is running in Standalone mode and the job is submitted via Livy Session APIs. There are 40 executors with 8 cores and 24 GB memory each. Upon looking at the stage details, we see that task duration is not too much with a 2 seconds median. However, there is a large scheduler delay with 75th Percentile being 7.1 minutes and max value around 21 minutes. What could be potentially causing this large scheduling delay? Other metrics are listed in the following screenshot. Also, please find below the event timeline chart. 


We changed the locality configs to following to avoid any scheduler delay but that didn’t seem to help much:


Also, started seeing executor lost errors after couple of hours: ExecutorLostFailure (executor 39 exited caused by one of the running tasks) Reason: Executor heartbeat timed out after 134746 ms

Please let me know if anyone has any thought on how this can be improved. Appreciate any help.