Fwd: Spark 2.3.1: k8s driver pods stuck in Initializing state

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Fwd: Spark 2.3.1: k8s driver pods stuck in Initializing state

Christopher Carney

Our driver pods from k8s are getting stuck in initializing state like so:

NAME                                                                                                   READY     STATUS     RESTARTS   AGE

my-pod-fd79926b819d3b34b05250e23347d0e7-driver   0/1       Init:0/1   0          18h

And from kubectl describe pod
Warning  FailedMount  9m (x128 over 4h)  kubelet,  Unable to mount volumes for pod "my-pod-fd79926b819d3b34b05250e23347d0e7-driver_spark(1f3aba7b-c10f-11e8-bcec-1292fec79aba)": timeout expired waiting for volumes to attach or mount for pod "spark"/"my-pod-fd79926b819d3b34b05250e23347d0e7-driver". list of unmounted volumes=[spark-init-properties]. list of unattached volumes=[spark-init-properties download-jars-volume download-files-volume spark-token-tfpvp]
  Warning  FailedMount  4m (x153 over 4h)  kubelet,  MountVolume.SetUp failed for volume "spark-init-properties" : configmaps "my-pod-fd79926b819d3b34b05250e23347d0e7-init-config" not found

From what I can see in kubectl get configmap the init config map for the driver pod isn't there.

Am I correct in assuming since the configmap isn't being created the driver pod will never start (hence stuck in init)?

Where does the init config map come from?

Why would it not be created?

Christopher Carney

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