Fixing NullType for parquet files

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Fixing NullType for parquet files

Stephen Boesch
When this JIRA was opened in 2015 the parquet did not support null types.  I commented on this JIRA in May that - given parquet now does include that support - can this bug be reopened ?  There was no response. What is the correct way to request consideration of re-opening this issue?

marmbrusMichael Armbrust added a comment - 15/Oct/15 18:00

Yeah, parquet doesn't have a concept of null type. I'd probably suggest they case null to a type CAST(NULL AS INT) if they really want to do this, but really you should just omit the column probably.

wabuDaniel Davis added a comment - 03/May/18 10:14

According to parquet data types, now a Null type should be supported. So perhaps this issue should be reconsidered?

javadbaStephen Boesch added a comment - 03/May/18 17:08

Given the comment by Daniel Davis can this issue be reopened?