Efficient hierarchical aggregation in Spark

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Efficient hierarchical aggregation in Spark


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I have a requirement to aggregate a large data set in Spark across a multi level (25 levels) hierarchy. The data model (simplified) is as follows



leafNode           Long

measureType   String

measureValue Array[Float]


Hierarchy (expanded) – a typical organisation hierarchy.

leafNode             Long /* Account also called level0Node */

level1Node        Long /* Portfolio */

level2Node        Long /* Sub Fund */

level3Node        Long /* Fund */

level4Node        Long



level25Node      Long /* organisation*/


alternative representation





Output Format

Level                     Int                   /* 0-25*/

Node                     Long     

measureType     String

measureValue    Array[Float]


I can do the aggregation by joining both the RDDs together and aggregating each level one at a time. I was wondering if there was a more efficient way of doing this in spark? Maybe a recursive algorithm that traverses the tree?

Currently the measures data set is loaded in a batch fashion, but I am working on getting incremental feeds of measures using Spark streaming.



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