Create custom receiver for MQTT in spark streaming

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Create custom receiver for MQTT in spark streaming

Muhammed Favas



I have a requirement to do analysis using spark on the data coming from IoT device via MQTT broker. The connectivity from my spark job is with MQTT broker where I can subscribe to specific topics. I have used the MQTTUtils library in spark to connect to the broker, but I have doubts about how the library works internally. What I noticed is, "MQTTutils.createStream" connects to the MQTT broker for a topic and it is without any authentication to broker. In that case, if I have to subscribe 100 topics in an MQTT broker, it may establish 100 connections to broker (Please let me know if it is not working the way I think.). That is not desirable in my real scenario.


So I have decided to create a custom receiver for MQTT broker so that I can manage the connection in my MQTT client. I have gone through the document on how to implement a custom receiver, but I did not succeed in implementing it in the proper way.


If somebody has hands-on on such a custom receiver, please help me to make it works.


Appreciate your support since it is critical for my solution