Cloud interface for Spark/Shark/PySpark

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Cloud interface for Spark/Shark/PySpark

Tristan Zajonc
Hi folks,

I've noticed some interest for a high-level cloud user interface to Spark / Shark / PySpark and the rest of the BDAS tools.  We've been experimenting with this at Sense (, a new cloud platform for data science we're building. We have managed to get PySpark cluster running from within our Python engine and have also built a basic Hive/Shark engine using our Engine API (  The experience is quite pleasurable but has the potential to be amazing.

If there's interest, it would be great to work with some Spark/Shark/PySpark gurus on this.  I think a high-level user interface could open up the BDAS to a whole new set of users.  If anybody is interested in this, I'd love to chat: [hidden email]


Cofounder at Sense