[Announcement] Analytics Zoo 0.8 release

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[Announcement] Analytics Zoo 0.8 release

Jason Dai

Hi all,


We are happy to announce the 0.8 release of Analytics Zoo, a unified Data Analytics and AI platform for distributed TensorFlow, Keras, PyTorch, BigDL, Apache Spark/Flink and Ray. Some of the notable new features in this release are:


  • First official release of AutoML support
  • Improved support for running Analytics Zoo on K8s
  • Improvement to tfpark (distributed TensorFlow on Spark), including seamless scale-out of <a href="https://analytics-zoo.github.io/master/#ProgrammingGuide/TFPark/how-to-import-data/#working-with-data-files-including-csv-files-text-files-and-tfrecord-files" style="color:rgb(5,99,193)">tf.data.Dataset pipelines on Spark, support of <a href="https://analytics-zoo.github.io/0.8.1/#ProgrammingGuide/TFPark/how-to-import-data/#working-with-rdd-or-spark-dataframe-data" style="color:rgb(5,99,193)">Spark Dataframes in TFDataSet, support for pre-made TensorFlow Estimator, etc.
  • Improvement to Cluster Serving (automatically distributed serving of DL models), including support for performance mode, better TensorBoard integration, etc.
  • Improvement to time series analysis (including new MTNet model and project Zouwu)
  • Upgrading OpenVINO support to 2020 R1


For more details, you may refer to the project website at https://github.com/intel-analytics/analytics-zoo/, and the Getting Started page.